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Shoreline Pool Supplies stock robotic cleaners in several leading brands including Zodiac and Maytronics and we can also order in any other brands as required. We also provide maintenance and repair services for robotic cleaners and if you require any assistance installing and configuring your equipment then we have mobile team members who can visit your residence and take care of it for you.

Robotic cleaners are a great solution for anyone who has a lot of trees around their pool because they reduce the need to physically clean debris from your pool. They are different to suction cleaners such as Creepy Crawlies because they are electric and have their own basket, meaning that they don’t clog up your skimmer basket with all of the leaf matter and debris that it picks up from the bottom of the floor. It also differs from suction cleaners in that it isn’t kept running or left in the pool 24/7 – because it runs on electricity, you only need put in in the pool 1-2 times a week, depending on how dirty your pool gets.

For more information regarding our range of robotic pool cleaners, contact us today on (07) 5471 6414.

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Robotic pool cleaners are an expensive piece of equipment so it is important that you know the difference between the different makes and models before making your purchasing decision. The team at Shoreline Pool Supplies understand the differences and suitability for each type for different pool set-ups, and we are more than happy to share this knowledge with you. Simply drop into our Sunshine Coast pool shop located in Coolum to speak to a friendly staff member and receive professional advice regarding which robotic cleaner is the best option for your needs.

Regular Pool Servicing

Our regular pool service does everything a robotic pool cleaner does and more! We test the water, top up chemical and clean the filers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

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