Buy Pool Pumps and Filters at Shoreline Pool Supplies

Shoreline Pool Supplies carries a range of replacement pool pumps and pool filters suitable for residential swimming pools at our Coolum pool shop. Our range includes brands such as Neptune, Astral and Continental but we are also more than happy to order in additional brands and products if you require.

In addition to selling pumps and filters we also provide installation and repair/maintenance services for all pool equipment. If you require installation assistance, just let us know at the time of purchasing and we’ll organise a suitable time for one of our mobile units to visit your property and complete your pool pump or filter installation. We also provide installation services for pool equipment that was purchased from somewhere else – just call (07) 5471 6414 to tell us what you need installed and organise a suitable time.

For more information regarding any of our pumps, filters or the rest of our product range, shoot us an enquiry today or pop into our pool shop based in Coolum.

Replacement Swimming Pool Pumps:

Your pool pump is the driving force of the water flow going through the system; it sucks from the pool via your skimmer box, puts it through your filer which does the filtering and then through your chlorinator cell and back into your pool.

There are two main types of pumps used in swimming pool systems – Standard Pool Pumps and Variable Feed Pumps. At Shoreline Pool Supplies we carry and install both varieties in a number of different brands including Neptune, Astral and Continental. We are also happy to order in additional brands or products that we don’t currently have in store for you, just let one of our friendly staff members know what you’re chasing and we’ll sort it out.

Replacement Swimming Pool Filters:

A filter is responsible for catching and collecting all of the bacteria and sediment in your pool water, making the water safe to swim in. It is an important part of the pool system and requires cleaning every 2-4 months to flush it out and ensure there are no blockages. If your pool water has started to turn cloudy, it could be an indication that your pool filter is not functioning correctly and needs to be replaced.

At Shoreline Pool Supplies, we carry both types of pool filters – cartridge filers and sand filters. Cartridge filters filter a lot finer than sand filters and also tend to take up less space, however they do require more maintenance than a sand filter. Sand filters on the other hand, are easier to care for and have a longer life span. If you are uncertain which option is the best for your pool, give us a call or drop into the store to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members – we are always happy to provide advice.

We Supply, Supply and Install or Install Only

Not only do we provide an installation service for any of the pool pumps or filters that you purchase from us, but we’re also happy to install products that you’ve bought online or from another store.

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